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Instinctif Partners is an international business communications consultancy and we have a dedicated life sciences team that includes a sector-focused design offering.


Evolution and innovation are in the “DNA” of the life sciences industry. Over two decades we have evolved as a leading communications advisor to meet the changing needs of our healthcare and life science clients globally.

Our Heritage

Our name has changed as we have evolved through, mergers, growth and innovation. Our heritage is Northbank and College Hill. We are now Instinctif Partners.

Our Offering

Our communications services include financial, corporate, healthcare, marketing, social media and digital, as well as design and branding consultancy, employees and customer engagement, Government relations & Public Affairs, and Strategic Research & Insight.

Our Locations

We work with clients globally from our UK base and through our Group offices, consultants and partner firms across Europe, AsiaPac and the USA.


Join the party – let’s back ambition and celebrate Britain’s success in Biotech

Britain might not have produced any large new biotech enterprises like America’s Amgen, Biogen or Gilead, but there are notable successes for which the country should be proud.  It is against these which entrepreneurs and managers of today’s biotech companies should set their ambitions and measure their success.

It’s all too easy to look to failures – of markets, Government interventions and companies - indeed this was the theme in the book Science, the State and the City: Britain's Struggle to Succeed in Biotechnology by Geoffrey Owen and Michael M. Hopkins published last year. Based on a rich analysis of the UK’s last 40 years of investment in biotech, they concluded that the UK has not succeeded in creating Bellweathers – as measured in terms of UK stock market valuations of therapeutic biotechs.

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