Welcome to our life sciences website.

Instinctif Partners is an international business communications consultancy and we have a dedicated life sciences team that includes a sector-focused design offering.


Evolution and innovation are in the “DNA” of the life sciences industry. Over two decades we have evolved as a leading communications advisor to meet the changing needs of our healthcare and life science clients globally.

Our Heritage

Our name has changed as we have evolved through, mergers, growth and innovation. Our heritage is Northbank and College Hill. We are now Instinctif Partners.

Our Offering

Our communications services include financial, corporate, healthcare, marketing, social media and digital, as well as design and branding consultancy, employees and customer engagement, Government relations & Public Affairs, and Strategic Research & Insight.

Our Locations

We work with clients globally from our UK base and through our Group offices, consultants and partner firms across Europe, AsiaPac and the USA.


How to get your story printed – we asked the journalists

Whatever kind of life sciences company you are, it’s important to get your message out there and communicate your work to the right people. Media coverage can be an excellent way to do that, but getting interest from the top publications can be harder than it looks.

In August, we hosted the One Nucleus ‘BioWednesday’ event, inviting four leading life sciences journalists to share their industry insights, hearing from Clive Cookson, Financial Times; Amber Tong, Endpoints; Lucie Ellis, In Vivo; and Sabah Meddings, Sunday Times. Here, we share their top tips on how to create great stories and secure coverage.

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