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MedTech Sector Stalled by Significant Drop in FDA Approvals, M&A Slowdown

MedTech Sector Stalled by Significant Drop in FDA Approvals, M&A Slowdown

R&D productivity may bring the industry out of its slump, according to Evaluate’s ”MedTech Half Year Review 2013” report

London, UK and Boston, US — 10 September 2013 — Despite most large-cap medtech companies seeing reliable share price growth, 2013 has been a disappointing year so far for the medical technology industry, according to the newly released “MedTech Half Year Review 2013” report from Evaluate’s editorial arm, EP Vantage. Not only did the sector experience a steep decline in FDA-approved medical technologies,  the low number of completed mergers and acquisitions puts 2013 on track to be the most disappointing year for M&A activity in a decade.  The report, based on data from EvaluateMedtech, can be viewed at

The dip in venture financing first seen in 2012 has also continued, with higher regulatory standards for medtech perhaps driving investors towards the greater rewards offered by pharma.

Indeed, when compared to the pharmaceutical and biotech sectors, whose venture investment increased 189 percent between the first and second quarters of 2013, the medtech sector’s 1.2 percent increase proves the industry still has a lot of catching up to do.

“When the US medical device sales tax went into effect in January, it was expected that the medtech sector would face difficulties in the first half of 2013,” said Elizabeth Cairns, report author and EP Vantage medtech reporter. “While the most dire predictions about the effect of the tax have not come true, it’s still been a disappointing start to the year. There is, however, hope that the second half of the year will bring improvements, particularly in research and development where the flow of new innovations will resume.”

Among the key findings of the MedTech Half Year Review 2013 report:

• The large-cap companies seeing the greatest share price rises have invested in fast-growing areas such as next-generation sequencing, renal denervation and companion diagnostics.

• First-time premarket approvals (PMAs) were down 47 percent since 2012 with the FDA granting only nine PMAs compared to the 19 issued in the first half of 2012.

• Cardiology and in vitro diagnostics (IVD) were the most represented therapeutic categories for first-time PMAs.

• Thermo Fisher Scientific leads the field of large-cap share price rises due in large part to its $13.6 billion acquisition of Life Technologies, the biggest medtech purchase the sector has seen this year.

To read the complete EP Vantage MedTech Half Year Review 2013 report, download your free copy at


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