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Toumaz: UK Patient Safety to be Boosted by Wireless Vital Signs Monitor

Toumaz: UK Patient Safety to be Boosted by Wireless Vital Signs Monitor

Abingdon, UK – 14 November 2013 – A new vital signs monitor has gained regulatory approval. This wireless device, about the size of a sticking plaster, helps rapidly detect deterioration of patients in hospital, and aims to improve patient safety and reduce the length of stay. The first UK pilot of this device has just been announced with Spire Healthcare.

SensiumVitals®, developed by British technology business Toumaz, monitors heart rate, respiration rate and temperature every two minutes and wirelessly communicates these to nursing staff via web-enabled devices. On general wards, typical hospital practice is to take vital signs only once every four to eight hours for the majority of patients.

Early detection of patient deterioration allows for enhanced patient care with the potential for improved outcomes through early intervention, shorter hospital stays and reduced treatment costs.

With European CE marking now received, SensiumVitals® is poised to be deployed in one of Spire’s 38 hospitals in the UK.

Dr Jean-Jacques de Gorter, Clinical Director of Spire Healthcare, said:

“Spire Healthcare aims to provide the highest possible standard of care to patients, and we are continually seeking to take advantage of the latest medical technology to help make care even safer for patients and to deliver a first class patient experience." 

“SensiumVitals® will enable clinicians to capture patient deterioration at a very early stage, allowing more rapid intervention and better patient outcomes. We are delighted to be the first hospital group in the UK to evaluate this cutting edge medical technology.”

Anthony Sethill, CEO of Toumaz, commented:

“We are very pleased that Spire, the prestigious private hospital group with a record of high care standards, will be the first to pilot SensiumVitals® in the UK.

“We are also confident that wireless vital signs monitoring offers a solution today to meet the urgent need for improved patient care in the NHS. With nursing resources under increasing pressure, SensiumVitals® could also be a key component of the UK Government’s strategy to use technology to deliver cost-effective healthcare.” 

The ground-breaking patch offers the potential to address NHS concerns and support nurses in the delivery of the highest standards of patient focused care. Staff are promptly notified when a patient deteriorates, enabling them to be even more responsive to patient needs.

A US pilot of the system, conducted earlier this year, demonstrated patients had a significant reduction in their hospital stay compared to a matched comparison group (see®-pilot-study).

Toumaz has also announced that Hurley Medical Center, Flint, Michigan, will be the first US hospital to pilot the deployment of SensiumVitals® in an Accident and Emergency Department.


Notes to Editors

About Toumaz

Toumaz Limited is a pioneer in low-power, wireless semiconductor and software technologies for healthcare and consumer audio. The company has two divisions, Toumaz Healthcare and Frontier Silicon. Toumaz Healthcare develops wireless solutions for patient monitoring. Frontier Silicon provides chip, modules and software for digital radio and connected audio devices.

About SensiumVitals®

SensiumVitals® is an ultra-low power system for wireless monitoring of patient vital signs, including heart rate, temperature and respiration.  Measurements are taken every two minutes, rather than every four to eight hours, as is currently standard in general wards. Patient data is then sent wirelessly and securely to clinicians via hospital IT systems. 

The key benefit of SensiumVitals® is that it provides clinicians with rapid warnings of patient deterioration, which in turn allows for earlier interventions, and the potential for improved patient care and shorter stays in hospital. 

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