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Nanobiotix revenue for the 3rd quarter of 2014

Nanobiotix revenue for the 3rd quarter of 2014

Paris, France  14 November, 2014 – NANOBIOTIX (Euronext: NANO – ISIN: FR0011341205), a clinical-stage nanomedicine company pioneering novel approaches for the local treatment of cancer, today announces its revenue for the third quarter of 2014.

Income statement at September 30, 2014


Revenue for the third quarter of 2014


The revenue recorded by Nanobiotix during the third quarter of 2014 relates to the upfront payment (pro-rata share) from the Taiwan-based PharmaEngine within the framework of the licensing contract. This licensing contract was signed in August 2012 for the development and commercialization of Nanobiotix’s lead product, NBTXR3 in the Asia-Pacific region. It is distributed using the straight-line method across the period between the date the contract was signed and the scheduled marketing launch in the region. This upfront payment totaled €810,640, generating revenue of €46,351 for the period. The invoicing of services totaled €280 for the third quarter of 2014. In total, revenue for the third quarter amounts to €46,631 which is fully in line with company expectations.

During Q3, Nanobiotix announced the opening of its first US office in Cambridge in the Massachusetts Life Sciences Center to expand operations into the USA. The opening of the affiliate in Boston area is an important step for Nanobiotix’s international development strategy. Patrick Tricoli, a senior pharmaceutical executive has been appointed Vice President Corporate Development and will lead the development of the US affiliate.

Next financial press release: revenue for the 4th quarter of 2014 by February 27, 2015

Notes To Editors

Nanobiotix (Euronext: NANO / ISIN: FR0011341205) is a clinical-stage nanomedicine company pioneering novel approaches for the local treatment of cancer. The company’s first-in-class, proprietary technology, NanoXray, enhances radiotherapy energy with a view to provide a new, more efficient treatment for cancer patients. NanoXray products are compatible with current radiotherapy treatments and are meant to treat a wide variety of cancers including Soft Tissue Sarcoma, Breast Cancer, Liver Cancer, Head and Neck Cancer, Glioblastoma, Prostate Cancer, etc., via multiple routes of administration.
Nanobiotix’s lead product NBTXR3, based on NanoXray, is currently under clinical development for Soft Tissue Sarcoma and locally advanced Head and Neck Cancer. The company, based in Paris, France, has partnered with PharmaEngine for clinical development and commercialization of NBTXR3 in Asia.

Nanobiotix is listed on the regulated market of Euronext in Paris (ISIN: FR0011341205, Euronext ticker: NANO, Bloomberg: NANO: FP).

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