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Instinctif Partners hosts first ‘Media Question Time’ BioWednesday with One Nucleus

Instinctif Partners hosts first ‘Media Question Time’ BioWednesday with One Nucleus

22 October 2015, London: Instinctif Partners, the business communications consultancy, sponsored and hosted its first BioWednesday event - ‘Media Question Time’ - with One Nucleus, the international membership organisation for life science and healthcare companies, on Wednesday, 7th October 2015.

Instinctif Partners assembled a panel of five leading healthcare journalists in front of an audience of the industry C-suite who quizzed them on the big healthcare trends, best practice and how to work with the media. The panellists put through their paces were Andrew Ward of the Financial Times, Peter Evans of The Sunday Times, Makiko Kitamura of Bloomberg News, Mike Ward of Informa and Lisa Urquart of EP Vantage.

Key topics and insights covered how each journalist preferred to pitched to, their use of Twitter as an information source and pressure gauge, thoughts on how relevant news embargoes really are in an age of 24-hour international media, and the need for the trusted voice of respected news outlets and paid-for content in the almost anarchic environment of self-publication and social media.

The well-attended event, co-sponsored by Coulter Partners, brought together around 100 industry professionals for an insightful evening of meeting and getting to know the media. As well as the interactive panel, one of Instinctif’s own ex-journalists, Managing Partner, Damian Reece - former Head of Business at Telegraph Media Group – gave his perspective on corporate reputation management, having worked on both sides of the fence. Tom Sheldon from the Science Media Centre also gave great insight into importance of accurate scientific reporting in the media. 

Some key learning points included:

  • The media is a little like family; you can’t choose them, they are always going to be there and you shouldn’t ignore them
  • Twitter is useful for journalists particularly as a temperature gauge and sanity check on news stories, not necessarily as a source of corporate news
  • Journalists are rapidly becoming outnumbered by PR professionals, particularly in the US.  Any stories sent to them have to be compelling and pitched properly to the right person
  • Executives speaking to the media shouldn’t expect copy approval on quotes or articles, it is important for reporters to maintain full journalistic integrity. Journalists will often check to confirm facts and figures and if anything isn’t correct they will endeavour to correct it as soon as possible
  • ‘Off the record’ is very rarely ever completely off the record.  An executive shouldn’t say anything to a journalist that they wouldn’t want to appear in print

Commenting on the event, Tony Jones, One Nucleus’ Director of Business Development said:

“I want to thank the Instinctif Partners team and the journalist panel for hosting such a fascinating and informative event. There were some excellent advisory insights about how to get a journalist’s attention and help make their lives easier - I now have some useful messages firmly lodged in my memory.”

Sue Charles, Managing Partner, Instinctif Partners’ Life Sciences said:

“This was a great opportunity for industry executives and journalists to connect and get to know each other’s priorities and approaches better. The journalist panel offered valuable insight into their day, their pressures and why stories are reported as they are. We would like to thank all those who attended, particularly our panellists and speakers and all those who helped make the event so successful.”

A report on the event can also be found in One Nucleus’ ON Highlights Autumn newsletter here:

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