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Mucosis Presents Insights on Development of a Novel Needle-Free Vaccine for RSV Prevention at RSV Vaccines for World

Mucosis Presents Insights on Development of a Novel Needle-Free Vaccine for RSV Prevention at RSV Vaccines for World

Highlights to include antigenic and immunological characteristics of company’s unique stable prefusion F RSV subunit

Groningen, the Netherlands, November 19, 2015 – Mucosis B.V., a clinical stage biotechnology company using a proprietary technology platform to develop next-generation needle-free human vaccines for infectious diseases, today presents key characteristics of its unique prefusion F antigen, the core technology behind its lead product, SynGEM®, an intranasally delivered, needle-free vaccine for the prevention of respiratory syncytial virus (RSV). Data were presented at the RSV Vaccines for World conference (RSVVW), taking place at the Salk Institute in La Jolla, California.

SynGEM® uses Mucosis’s proprietary Mimopath® platform to activate mucosal defences, allowing more effective protection against infectious diseases. RSV is a common infection of the lungs and airways, which can lead to serious diseases such as upper and lower respiratory tract illness and pneumonia, particularly in infants. Currently there are no vaccines available against RSV, which is estimated to cause 3.4 million hospitalizations and at least 66,000 deaths worldwide each year.

Kees Leenhouts, Ph.D., Chief Scientific Officer at Mucosis, will be presenting data on the development of Mucosis’ prefusion F-type RSV subunit vaccines. Its unique stable form allows it to be used in SynGEM® to elicit powerful neutralizing antibodies. Using the antigen in a mucosal vaccine formulation leads to an immune response both locally in the airways, where the pathogens enter, as well as systemically, to provide a more effective defence against RSV.

“The prefusion F antigen is recognised as a key area of research in developing an effective vaccine for RSV, due to its ability to induce highly potent antibodies against the RSV pathogen,” Dr. Leenhouts commented.  “Developing an F-type RSV subunit vaccine is challenging as the natural prefusion form of the antigen is inherently unstable. Mucosis has overcome this challenge with SynGEM®, which will be entering human proof-of-concept studies in 2016. We are excited to present data on the antigenic and immunological characteristics of our unique form of the antigen at RSV Vaccines for the World 2016.”

This is the second RSVVW meeting, comprising of keynote presentations and special sessions with the goal of bringing together RSV researchers and other interested parties and researchers to hear updates on progress towards the successful implementation of vaccines/vaccine strategies against the RSV pathogen.

Dr. Leenhouts’ discussion, “The development of a prefusion F-type RSV subunit vaccine,” will take place today, from 12.45-13.00 pm during Session 5.

About Mucosis
Mucosis B.V. (Mucosis) is a clinical-stage biotechnology company using a proprietary technology platform to develop next-generation needle-free human vaccines for infectious diseases. Mucosis’s investigational patient-friendly vaccines can be delivered via the nose or mouth to elicit a more natural immune response with a broader base of protection. The company is developing multiple programs for its clinical-stage proprietary Mimopath® platform vaccine technology for several routes of administration including those that provide additional mucosal protection, where over 90% of pathogens enter the human body.

Mucosis’s lead product SynGEM®, a stabilized recombinant vaccine delivered intranasally to prevent respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) infection, will enter human proof-of-concept studies in 2016. The annual global burden of RSV illness is significant, with 33.8 million estimated new episodes of RSV-associated acute lower respiratory infection (ALRI) worldwide in children under 5, and over 3.4 million hospital admissions associated with severe RSV disease. Global mortality was estimated at 253,500 deaths in 2010.

The company has also developed PneuGEM®, a vaccine to prevent diseases caused by pneumococcal bacteria, and FluGEM®, a vaccine against influenza. FluGEM® served as a successful proof of concept for the Mimopath® platform in human clinical testing.

Mucosis has raised over EUR 20m in dilutive and non-dilutive funding, with key investment partners including MedSciences, BioGeneration, NOM & UU Holdings. The company has strategic partnerships in US, Asia and the EU with organisations including the US National Institutes of Health, China-based Changchun BCHT Biotechnology co., and the Netherlands Enterprise Agency. Mucosis’s management is highly experienced in the design, development and commercialisation of vaccines. Mucosis employs over 10 staff at its headquarters in Groningen, The Netherlands.


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