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Brexit – Communications priorities

Brexit – Communications priorities

On 23 June the UK voted in a referendum to leave the EU. As this process and its ramifications unfold over the coming months and years, Instinctif Partners is helping its clients to steer their businesses successfully through this period of change and uncertainty.

Our top five tips for the short term are:

  1. Show leadership: demonstrate your leadership through your considered and consistent actions
  2. Proactively engage with your staff: keeping a calm and positive environment internally will ensure that you are focused on running your business, and retain your team
  3. Keep close to your external stakeholders: customers, partners and investors need to know you are being proactive through this period of uncertainty
  4. Have a strategy for media engagement: media comment, if any, should support your strategic and corporate priorities
  5. Plan ahead: start a process to consider short, medium and long terms implications, and appropriate actions

As a diversified business communications consultancy, our life sciences senior team and experts from other practice areas can provide specific support in:

- Communications strategy development
- Change communications
- Issues and risk audit and mitigation planning
- Defence planning
- Regulatory and policy risk assessment and planning
- Political engagement at member state government and EU institutions level
- Strengthened messaging and brand positioning.

Here is a summary of general Our Brexit Offer.

The immediate reaction of what Brexit means in practical terms from our UK public policy team can be found here:

Here is an Overview of the potential timetable.