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atbtherapeutics appoints Dr Werner Cautreels and Dr Vincent Brichard to its Board of Directors to foster development of its game-changing antibody-toxin-bioengineered ‘atbody’ therapeutics

atbtherapeutics appoints Dr Werner Cautreels and Dr Vincent Brichard to its Board of Directors to foster development of its game-changing antibody-toxin-bioengineered ‘atbody’ therapeutics

Belgium, 9 September 2020 – atbtherapeutics, a pioneering biopharmaceutical company building an oncology pipeline using its antibody–toxin-bioengineered atbody format, today announces that Werner Cautreels, PhD and Vincent Brichard, MD, PhD have been appointed to its Board of Directors, effective as of 1 September 2020.

Dr Werner Cautreels, PhD was President and CEO of Selecta Biosciences from July 2010 until his retirement in December 2018. Previously, he served as Global CEO of Solvay Pharmaceuticals and worked at Sanofi, Sterling Winthrop and Nycomed-Amersham in a variety of management positions in Europe and the United States. Werner was also a Director of Innogenetics NV and Arqule Inc., and Director and Chair of the Audit Committee of Galapagos NV. He was also the President of the Belgian Chamber of Commerce for Russia. Dr Cautreels is currently Chairman of Cristal Therapeutics and MRM Health.

Dr Vincent Brichard, MD, PhD was Senior Vice President and member of the Executive Team of GSK Biologicals, and headed the Business Unit for Immunotherapeutics. Prior to this, Vincent was part of pioneering work at the Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research and spent several years at the Institute Curie, a leading cancer centre in Europe. Vincent is a member of several boards of several European life sciences companies, active in the fields of immuno-oncology.

atbtherapeutics previously raised EUR 5 million in a seed financing round for the development of its disruptive and versatile plant-based technology, enabling progression of discovery programmes into preclinical assets, with two lead atbody candidates for the treatment of haematological malignancies and solid tumours. Werner and Vincent will support the management to push preclinical assets into clinical development and to prepare for the next financing round, along with the rest of the Board.

Dr Bertrand Magy, CEO of atbtherapeutics, commented: “We are thrilled to appoint Dr Werner Cautreels and Dr Vincent Brichard to our Board of Directors. Their deep understanding of product development within oncology and extensive management experience from the life sciences sector will be instrumental as we prepare for our next round of fundraising to support the progression of our two programmes into the clinic.”

Dr Werner Cautreels added: atbtherapeutics is an exciting company with innovative science, unique and versatile plant-based technology and multiple assets in discovery and preclinical development. I believe the atbody format has the potential to resolve unmet need by providing a new line of attack against cancer, and could prove to be highly disruptive within the field of antibody-based therapy.” 

atbtherapeutics has built an experienced, diverse and international Board of Directors with knowledge of product and company development within the fields of immunology and oncology, and of preclinical and clinical development.

Werner Cautreels has a PhD in chemistry from the University of Antwerp, Belgium and an Executive MBA from Harvard Business School, Massachusetts, USA.

Vincent Brichard studied medicine at the Louvain University, Belgium and Institute Curie, France. He received a PhD in tumour immunology at the Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research, Belgium, and held the position of Professor of Oncology at Louvain University. He also holds an Executive MBA from Harvard Business School, Massachusetts, USA.

About atbtherapeutics

atbtherapeutics is a pioneering biopharmaceutical company building a pipeline of novel biologic agents for cancer using its antibody–toxin-bioengineered atbody format, manufactured by its disruptive atbiofarm technology.

atbtherapeutics' proprietary and versatile plant-based atbiofarm technology enables the production of a targeted monoclonal antibody therapy of significantly improved potency and efficacy – the atbody.

atbodies are fusion proteins recombinantly manufactured in a single-step process, composed of a full-length antibody, a peptide linker and a toxic peptide payload. The unique composition of the atbody format, avoiding chemical linker issues, generates increased potency, stability and superior targeted exposure, potentially reducing the therapeutic dose needed without compromising efficacy. The resulting novel mechanism of action also means that atbody therapeutics has the potential to evade major mechanisms of cancer cell resistance, providing a promising therapeutic solution for hard-to-treat and refractory cancer.

atbtherapeutics is a private company founded in 2018 with seed financing from Financière Spin Off Luxembourgeoise, the Fournier-Majoie Foundation and Noshaq, and has raised a total of EUR 5.1 million in equity and subsidies from the Region Wallonne with additional investment from historical investors and Luxembourg Development.
atbtherapeutics’ Management Team is supported by a strong, diverse and international network of experienced board members and advisors.

atbtherapeutics is headquartered in Belgium.

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