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How can we support you to communicate a major fund raise?



Abzena planned to raise £25 million to enable it to expand capacity, following increased customer demand.

There were several challenges to the Company achieving this fund raising:

  • Capacity pressures had affected revenues
  • Busy marketplace, with a number of primary and secondary fund raisings in the life sciences sector
  • A substantial proposed raise, representing almost 50% of its market capitalisation
  • Therefore, a robust communication strategy was needed to highlight the strength of Abzena’s offering, and the growth potential of the biopharma sector, to a broad City audience.


We worked closely with Abzena and its advisors to simplify the messages, explaining the business and the rationale behind the fund raising. We wanted to highlight the capacity constraints at each of their sites around the world, and the potential upside in lifting these constraints.

These clear messages served to significantly ‘derisk’ the story in investors’ minds at the roadshow.

We ensured consistency of message in all Company communications. Key documents included the roadshow presentation, press releases announcing the opening and closing of the raise, and its final completion, key messages for press and Q&A.


The consistent use of clear, robust messages helped Abzena raise £25 million in a difficult market, which had seen smaller fund raises struggle in the previous week.

Abzena’s story and rationale for the fund raising were received positively by the investment media. They highlighted the need to increase capacity as a reason for the successful raise, without mentioning the constraints the restricted capacity had caused.

In our ongoing conversations with other City advisers, Abzena was highlighted as a good deal to support a growing company.