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AgomAb Therapeutics

How did we help launch a new company by executing a strategically targeted media relations program?



AgomAb Therapeutics is a  privately-held Belgian biotherapeutics company formed in 2017 to develop agonistic monoclonal antibodies (“agomAbs”) for the regeneration of damaged tissues. AgomAbs have a range of potential applications in the fields of fibrotic, inflammatory, autoimmune and degenerative diseases.

A new company, working in a highly competitive space, AgomAb had been operating in ‘stealth mode’ for a couple of years.

Following the completion of a license agreement with argenx, raising €21 million in a Series A financing and the appointment of its senior team, AgomAb approached Instinctif to help launch the company and share this news.


Instinctif held a number of briefing calls with AgomAb’s CEO to understand the company story which helped to craft a press release and Q&A to launch the company and communicate its recent news.

Instinctif developed a list of target trade and local Ghent-based publications and advised on media relations strategy to achieve the best coverage.

Instinctif pitched the story to media under strict embargo and organised interviews for the CEO, giving the journalists time to fully understand the story and write accurate articles.

Instinctif fielded media calls and provided relevant background info.


Implementing Instinctif’s planned media relations strategy resulted in significant and accurate coverage in all the main trade publications with quotes of AgomAb’s CEO and Chairman.

In addition, the national Belgium financial newspaper De Tijd also covered the news extending reach to some valuable local Flemish audiences.

AgomAb’s CEO and Chairman were happy with the results which, not only generated coverage in all the target publications but also created a footprint of digital coverage to help support any future corporate activities such as fundraising and licensing or partnering deals.