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How did we evolve and communicate a Biopharma Company’s positioning in support of its clinical stage of development?

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AM-Pharma, a Dutch biopharmaceutical company, is developing recombinant human Alkaline Phosphatase (recAP) for the treatment of acute kidney injury (AKI), a devastating disease, with a high mortality rate and no approved pharmacological treatments.

As it was poised to enter a pivotal Phase III clinical trial in 1,400 patients with sepsis-associated acute kidney injury (SA-AKI) and announce a €116 million financing from a European syndicate of new and existing investors, AM-Pharma approached Instinctif to refresh its visual branding, create a new website and PowerPoint presentation, and create impact around the financing announcement.


Instinctif developed a strategic communications plan to update messaging and visual impact and schedule all of the projects ahead of the fundraising announcement.

The new logo and visual branding was strongly reflected in the website, with the look, feel and content reflecting AM-Pharma’s positioning and ambitions.

In addition, the PowerPoint presentation, LinkedIn page and new Twitter pages were updated.

The financing news media strategy focused on embargoed briefings with top media targets to secure the best coverage, with the press release and Q&A, developed to communicate key messages.


Having worked closely with the AM-Pharma team,  Instinctif was able to complete the design projects in a month and launch the new website a week ahead of the fundraising announcement.

Embargoed media interviews with all seven key journalists resulted in the publication of lengthy on-message articles in all of the target publications, with many running as lead stories. The announcement also achieved significant national newspaper coverage in The Netherlands through our partner agency there and was featured later in the Financial Times.

The new AM-Pharma identify, visual branding, website and news coverage achieved AM-Pharma’s goals.