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Astex Pharmaceuticals

How do we showcase a company’s innovative scientific contribution to combatting cancer?



Our client, a biopharmaceutical company, wanted to showcase how its scientific expertise was instrumental in solving the crystal structure of a key cancer target molecule. And, with that fundamental scientific knowledge, how the molecule was developed over a decade in partnership with a pharmaceutical company into a newly approved (March 2017) first-line treatment for breast cancer patients, resulting in a milestone payment for the biotech company. Our client wanted to achieve recognition for its part in the discovery of cell cycle inhibitors which are a novel class of compounds that target the mechanisms of cell division in order to prevent or interfere with cancer growth.


We developed a detailed press release and accompanying Q&A brief, explaining the scientific breakthrough and significance of the work. We combined the release with a short, high quality video that we filmed on site (including shots from our aerial drone), with a range of interviews explaining precisely how the company had gone about its feat of scientific discovery, plus the importance of such collaborations between biotechnology companies and pharmaceutical companies in creating new treatments for global diseases including cancer. We targeted journalists who would write on this sort of news as well as new multipliers such as trade associations, and amplified the news through our twitter and web feeds.


Our client was delighted with the wide range of coverage we achieved in international life sciences trade media and also in local media, including a feature on the local BBC evening news. Our client was also impressed with our flexibility and ability to move fast when the timeline unexpectedly compressed from over one month to less than one day to announce the news and send the press release out to media! The film was well received and led to our client commissioning a second film, about the wider corporate story.