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Elekta AB

How did we generate media coverage around the launch of a transformative cancer treatment system across Europe?



Elekta, a Swedish precision radiation medicine company with a long heritage of innovation spanning five decades, engaged Instinctif Partners for media relations support ahead of the launch of Elekta Unity, a cancer treatment system in key markets across Europe. In addition, Instinctif was asked to provide media relations support around the opening of Elekta’s new global radiotherapy innovation centre and Elekta Unity manufacturing site, in Crawley, UK.

Elekta Unity is a state-of-the-art MR-linac that is setting a new standard for personalized radiation therapy. It provides the ability to reshape the dose based on daily changes in shape, size and position of the tumour and surrounding healthy anatomy, and then enables accurate dose delivery with real-time visualisation of the tumour.


Instinctif proactively approached target media when Elekta Unity received CE mark, raising awareness of the company heritage of innovation and the exciting and potentially transformative effect of the new cancer treatment system for cancer patients.

As Elekta Unity was launched in countries across Europe Instinctif worked closely with Elekta’s in house-team and communications teams in hospitals to share the news with local media as the first patients were treated.

In addition, Instinctif invited local journalists to the opening of Elekta’s UK site and provided hands-on support with interviews at the event.


On the back of profile-raising with media when Elekta Unity received CE mark, when it was launched in key European markets and the first patients were treated at cancer hospitals Instinctif re-engaged with the media to secure interviews with Elekta executives, patients and physicians.

Coverage included broadcast coverage on the BBC and a feature in the Dutch daily newspaper De Telegraaf.

An in-depth executive interview was also published in MedTech Insights with coverage in other trade and local publications including Med-tech Innovation News, Physics World and CN24.