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Hong Kong Adventist Hospital

How can we engage a local community to support a hospital expansion?



HKAH – TW is only not-for-profit private hospital in its district in Hong Kong. Its 45-year-old building structure faced increasing community demands and expectations. Expansion and replacement of the existing decrepit buildings was imperative for the installment of comprehensive and advanced multi-specialty medical services.

Local objections towards expansion came from vocal District Councillors, politicians and residents of neighboring properties. The HKSAR government denied the expansion application and they needed to turn this around in six months.


We generated continuous media coverage aimed at presenting an objective framework to outline needs.  Successful lobbying was conducted with local politicians, residents of neighboring properties and related government officials. We also strategically selected public opinion consultation channels and announcement of results using media publicity supported by quantitative figures.


Lands Departments granted an official technical approval for the hospital extension project and all District Board Councillors, including the Chairman and Vice-Chairman, have shown their unanimous support to the hospital extension project while at the same time acknowledging the hospital’s sincerity towards plan amendments with reference to neighbouring residents’ concerns at a District Board Meeting. Within six months opponents of the hospital expansion project were converted from “totally not acceptable” to “acceptable”.

Awarded Public Affairs Campaign of the Year by Asia Pacific PR Awards