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How do we achieve significant impact for an IPO?



SkinBioTherapeutics is a company focused on skin health, taking extracts of ‘friendly probiotic bacteria’ and developing topical products for the skin. We were appointed to support our Client through a listing on AIM and raise funds for use on its product development. The timeline was very short (six weeks) and the CEO was new to running a public company. Our challenge was to prepare the management team for the IPO and ensure it was well positioned for the aftermarket and life as a plc.


Over the six weeks of the IPO process we did the following:

  • Strategic planning with our Client and bankers around the IPO process
  • Preparation and review of key materials – press releases, investor presentation, prospectus, s.26 of the website
  • Preparation of support materials – messaging document, Q&A, key messages
  • Preparation of management for investor meetings and media interviews
  • Targeting national, investment and industry media for the intention to float and first day of dealings announcements
  • Targeting market reporters on the first day of dealings, following the 50% uplift of the share price
  • Organisation of 1:1 interviews with media to generate larger profile pieces
  • Market monitoring and press cutting collation


A successful IPO and very successful press campaign which raised our Client’s profile. This has provided sufficient momentum to continue booking in interviews and 1:1 meetings with the press. It has also provided a good platform to commence the IR programme with sell-side analysts and sales teams.

Given the shortness of the deadline, we were very pleased with both the impact and broad range of press coverage we achieved for a relatively small company. We have gone on to have a retained relationship with our Client to manage its business communications programme for the next 12 months.